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Monday, October 02, 2006


Photo by Travis Gray

From the Nite 12", Chromatics happily bring us:
Nite (12 Version)
Buy from Troubleman Unlimited

since moving to brooklyn, i have not slept. people told me i would be going out every night and i said that was not my cup of tea. i was wrong. i have been swept up into the funnel and spit out into one of the various bars by my house on a regular basis, usually strolling home at around 5 in the morning. Chromatics (you might notice the Glass Candy resemblance), hands down, have come out with my favorite dance track of the year. they have transformed from their old selves. and they invite all listeners to make their own transformations. it's just the exact amount of thumping needed to get your adrenaline pumping. because after all, the new york nightlife can eat you if you aren't careful. you need that fight or flight reaction to survive it. Chromatics make me want to pull out my make-up case (which a new guy friend of mine told me is way too scary for him because it looks like a tool chest--which is true--becoming glammed up requires extra special detail) and throw on way too much dark eyeliner, a feather boa, glitter, a cleavage-bearing shirt and stilettos. but really i haven't made it out like that. i am left to the confines of my home, where my roommate can watch me dance around. much to his dismay. making him hide from this glamo-freak. then i calm down, wash it all off and have beers with friends. i was born in chelsea. what do you expect?


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