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Friday, August 04, 2006

Take Pride, My Friend

Photo Felicia Atkinson

From First Nation, their debut S/T album:
Female Trance
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i originally saw these three NYC ladies play at Cakeshop a few months back, after this album had officially dropped. and the place was packed maybe three weeks post-release. maybe it was because they were opening for White Magic, but really i think it's due to the publicity they gathered after touring with Animal Collective last year. that's a lofty undertaking having never had an album. maybe they had put everyone in a hypnotic trance (they do have a tendency to come off as 'tribal' at times...and, this just noted, i wrote that before realizing the track i'm posting is called 'Female Trance'). First Nation is a softer, more feminine form of that Animal Collective sound. i don't know why, but on hearing their first song live, it felt as though you were trasnsported into an aviary. i know, an odd comparison, but their harmonized voices can sometimes naturally sound like birds overlapping one another (which doesn't necessarily come across on this disc).

From Jacob Smigel's release Eavesdrop: A Wealth of Found Sound:
Trailer Couple
Hamburger Hamlet
Fight with Michael
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I can't even express to you how much i respect "found sound." why? because there is not one false aspect to it. it's all real. as genuine as a documentary, as valuable as photographs and antiquities. Jacob Smigel discovered these found tapes over the course of 4 years from thrift shops, yard sales and trash cans. absolutely brilliant collection from front to back. comedic, tragic, fully cinematic. this is America baby. doesn't it make you proud?

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