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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Loosen Up the Serious Pants

Photo by Steph Carley

From Drunk Demos, new tracks from Drunk Country:
A Smile That Takes the Hinges Out of Knees
What Do You Miss Most About What You Forget
Buy from them on Demo Heaven! (i think you could probably just email them if you're interested-get yeself on the waiting list!)

These fine blokes out of Cardiff, England (i mean WALES--i'm geographically challenged), Drunk Country, make me smile. with a humble and simplistic attitude, "affectionately dismissing" their album Drunk Demos as a raw piece of good bad multi-instrumentalism, they have managed to charm the pants off of me. if they are indeed drunk, they pull themselves together, cleaning the slobber and puke off their shirts, wearing enough deordorant and honing their imbalanced hand-eye coordination skills for enough time to make a thoughtful and enchanting record. even if they are not drunk, the wavering guitar and blips of electronic disconnection at least remind me of drunken bar conversations, being in a state halfway between "there and not there." or as a band member would like to put it: french kissing after eating oranges. or rather finding anyone to take home at the end of the night, beergoggles and all.

From their S/T? album, new tracks from Dr. Shock and the Deathray Ballet:
Ixion MD
A Ne'er Received Su...(i don't know. fill in the blank. sun? subject? sundae? sunday?)
Visit their my space page--i don't know if you can buy from them too

Dr. Shock & the Deathray Ballet is one big mystery to me. i know they're from Montreal, but beyond that, they are an enigma. the only thing i can tell you a bit about is the actual "Dr. Shock" & "Ixion." Ixion was in the rock opera of Dr. Shock and had attempted to save the world, but was diverted by his own greed. i'm sure someone in Canada can clue me in. cousin liz? where are you? what struck me about them was an almost childlike nursery-rhymish approach to folk-pop that i find to be incredibly endearing. like reading the Giving Tree or Where the Wild Things Are at 26. definately takes me to a time where i was extremely excited to learn how to tie my shoes outside the girl's bathroom in 1st grade (late bloomer). life gets too complicated. this band reminds you that it's ok to loosen our "serious pants" every once in awhile.


Blogger Matija said...

A Neer Received Suicide Note From The Late Mrs. O. Ixion

thats the name of the song

6:21 PM  
Blogger Dr. Shock said...

As the leading man in Dr. Shock & the Deathray Ballet, I feel I must clear up a few incongruities. Thus follows a general synopsis of the plot:

Dr. Shock is a brilliant but tortured scientist, afflicted with what some like to call multiple personality disorder. On one of his bad days, he decides to build a weather machine known as the Jupiter Device which has the capability to control global weather patterns - for good... or evil. Ixion, M.d., a less successful and jealous ex-MIT chum, plans to sway public opinion against Dr. Shock in order to pose himself as a hero, giving him free liscense to end Dr. Shock once and for all with the creation of Elerbee, his machine man. The rest is musical history.

If you would like to know more, visit our myspace OR contact us about the purchase of a CD (label pending), or a tour stop (tour plans pending). Until then, try reading Gravity's Rainbow to pass the time.
Leroy Shock

8:02 AM  
Blogger Dr. Shock said...

For further press release information, Dr. Shock & the Deathray Ballet consists of:
1) A Theoretical Physicist
2) The 2006 Quebec Paper Airplane Champion
3) A Harmonica Enthusiast
4) Some Guy in Connecticut Only One of Us Knows

And yes, we are all ex-patriate draft dodgers squatting in Montreal.

8:56 AM  

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