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Sunday, August 06, 2006


Photo by Travis Gray:

Random offerings/findings of This Bike is a Pipe Bomb--
Live at the Tour of the Living Dead (a three-week tour in 2000 w/ Cliff Clavin & Dave Dondero & Boy Was it Fun):
Mouse Teeth
Hot Diggity
From Front Seat Solidarity (2002):
This is What i Want
From Three Way Tie for Fifth (2004):
Jack Johnson
Visit them, buy records, become my space friends, show love, make babies
Oh. or go to the record label that houses some of their material, Plan-It-X.

This Bike is a Pipe Bomb started in 97 as a jokey country band. but considering they were "punk" in nature (sleeping on floors, playing at basement parties, making political riffs before sets), this came across in their sound from the get-go. which is why they spawned a fun, bouncy, "folk-punk" band, damning yuppies, the president and Pensacola, Florida. i saw them for the first time out in Bushwick yesterday, since i think it's a rarity they would be coming this way. it didn't take a lot of convincing to get the crowd to bop around like mad. truly a great time and i could be wrong but it seems like they don't take themselves all too seriously. funny i had a conversation with a kid after the set last night who said he spent too much time in a band that wasn't serious about music. now he's in a serious band. not to insult the serious at all. but serious is just such a dry word. it has the tendency to squeeze the juice out of anything. TBIAPB is full of juice.

speaking of "Juice". holy holy moly. Spank Rock also played at the same show last night. i thought he was a part of the audience. meanwhile he just stands up from squatting position with mic in hand, busting out the smoothest flows ever! the album is good. as a performer, however, there's something about watching SR that's visually stunning and goes beyond the record. sounds strange, i know, but watching this skinny little guy with the backdrop of a couple of delivery trucks and a brick wall in middle-of-nowhere Bushwick just made my night. but the piece de resistance was this guy "Juice." who is Juice? the mystery of it all. i think he was a friend of SR's. an even skinnier little dude, also squatting on the floor, jumps up, grabs the mic and starts bouncing and leaping around from one point of the crowd to the other, freestyling, red in the face, mouth running a mile a minute. i haven't had that much fun since some old MC battles at the defunct wetlands.

From Spank Rock's new Yoyoyoyoyo (which i'm sure has been posted 1 million & 1 times):
Rick Rubin
Buy from Big Dada


Blogger Mr. Poncho said...

Hey, thanks for the update on This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb. I played in a (not serious) band out of NC in the 90s and we toured some with them. They were always great and great fun. I had no idea they were still at it. I remember reading, maybe a year ago, that someone at a college in Ohio, I believe, had had homeland security called in because a student had a TBIAPB sticker on their bike. These are troubled times, I guess. Keep up the nice work.

5:05 PM  
Blogger H said...

they're certainly still at it but i'm not sure they're "touring" and such. i heard about the Ohio incident too and was going to write about it. then i figured as crazy as ONLINE security is, it's probably bad enough having the words "pipe bomb" on your site. very troubled times. wish it would get better. thanks for the kind words!

8:15 PM  

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