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Monday, August 28, 2006

the hypothetical brave new world

Photo by Jabenaki

From New Humans, tracks from the 12" Diassociate:
Track 1
Track 3
From last year's S/T album:
Mandolin Song
Buy from them! (or actually one of their distributors--you choose--i like them all)

if it would be possible to create a genre called "below sea level minimal", the Brooklyn duo New Humans would be at the forefront of this revolution. Howie Chen and Mika Tajima (with two other rotating members) have been making noisy, twisted, audio distortions for the past three years, and have been known for wittily combining these heady soundscapes with video and visual art installations. anyone would agree that the beginning of a New Humans track can be somewhat mindnumbing. but it's really the movement of the compositions, their transformation and eventual disintegration, that makes them so intriguing. a ball of twine that slowly unravels into a mess, continuously falling apart and taking over the entire room, down the stairs, onto the street, overtaking the whole city. so as a recommendation, if you happen to cop-out early on any of these tracks, the New Humans infestation will not have it's chance to take over. allow it to expand.


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