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Monday, August 21, 2006


Photo by Joe Williams

From The Gospel Comes to New Guinea by 23 Skidoo:
The Gospel Comes to New Guinea
Last Words
Buy from Forced Exposure (on Ronin Records)

New Order plus A Certain Ratio plus Fela Kuti minus the "throbbing" of Throbbing Gristle and that's 23 Skidoo (1980-1984). One thing i get a bit annoyed by are horns, but that's just a personal pet peeve. if you like ethnic drumming, those blaring horns and early 80s dance tracks, they are the band for you.

From Astral Glamour (1973-1978) by The Homosexuals:
Hearts in Exile (45 version)
Astral Glamour
Buy from Hyped 2 Death (on ReR/Morphius Archives)

The Homosexuals stayed as far under the radar as possible during the post-punk (and punk) boom. only to emerge in this past decade as one of those bands that people would fork over a couple of thousand bucks for some cassette tape that was supposedly found in between the seat cushions of L'Voag's pad. i'm kidding. but i'm kind of not. i unfortunately don't have the other 2 discs to this 3 disc comp. and supposedly, when the tracks get shorter (ie strange segs), the Homosexuals truly show their artistic diversity . you either love them or hate them for the reason that most of the time they weren't very clear-cut in any sense of a "message." sometimes lyrics didn't even string together in any coherent fashion. i think mainly because what they recorded were works in progress or experiments, integral slices, minutes, of the 70s. one of my favorite quotes from the 1982 manifesto of Black Noise Productions (their record label): "the first rule is to exist...The music will be there to remind and say what we perhaps did not have time to."

In other news, i got my apartment today! so this is why we're listening to classics. of course they are dear to my heart, but new music will be coming up this week if i get around to finding it! check back if this is not your bag.


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