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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fish Swedish

Photo by Steph Carley

From Folke Rabe/Jan Bark, the masterful Argh! album:
Bar (Jan Bark)
To the Barbender (Folke Rabe)
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experimental music would not be the same without these two men. at the end of the 50s, after growing up together post-WWII in Stockholm and attending the Royal College of Music, they discovered the wonderful world of the trombone. Bark had been composing long before Rabe, who claims it was he who had inspired him to start writing his own music. together, they founded an all-trombone quartet, the Culture Quartet, in the early 60s. at around the same time, the two fellows became friends with some serious members of the San Francisco Tape Music Center, throwing them into a whole other dimension of music-making. both became enamoured with tape looping and sound effects. so with these two tracks, the first is an electro-acoustic piece by Bark in 1968, inspired by gramophone media, going from the lowest bass to the highest treble. and the second is by Rabe in 1982, a tape collage created for the legendary John Cage's 70th birthday, someone who had never questioned the limitless possibilites in sound. this entire album is the biggest treat i've given myself in the past few weeks. a truly inspiring body of work. it's already making me turn over new ideas for my own material.

From David Stackenas' new album Bow:
Track 1
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Ok. before you read what this is, we gotta play a little game: name that sound. listen to a bit of the track and then i want you to guess what "instruments" are being used for this album. David Stackenas borders on "noise" here but it just stays at a lush drone. at times, music can become uncomfortable. it's a misnomer that all music should be "comforting and relaxing." sometimes it should shake your bones and hit your core. it grows hair on the chest! i had someone listen to this recently and they said it was like seeing tons of flashing lights while driving through the lincoln tunnel. whatever the visual it might inspire, Stackenas has that talent to engage all senses. the answer to that burning question? 5 levin acoustic guitars and oscillating fans. what is in the drinking water in Stockholm? sheesh. i love it.

**good news and bad news. the bad news first. i'm moving to brooklyn tomorrow which means no internet connection until the cable guy comes. that won't be that long. i need some tv eventually. so Basement Songs will be resuming in between one and two weeks, maybe even sooner. ok the good news is because this is the last post for a little bit of time, i really put a lot of thought into what is going up here. had a bang-up week in picking up music and these two are sincere jewels. in the meantime, if you're bored on tuesday nights you can always turn to my radio show. i need the company. and this upcoming saturday, 2-4PM on is my last Sound Between (all new indie) show, which means playing the best (in my opinion) of 2006 thus far.


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crazy, link hoppin for remixes led me here...and what do i see? i friend steph's awesome polaroid.

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