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Friday, August 11, 2006

crush on this

Photo by Steve Prakope

From Crushed Butler's Uncrushed: First Punks From the British Underground 1969-1970:
Love Fighter (this was not a favorite-once again, i go for the underdog because maybe people have already heard the wonderful Factory Grime)
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My alter-ego listens to Crushed Butler. she wears steel toe boots and has tattoo sleeves. she wears fire-engine red lipstick everyday and drives an Indian motorcycle to work with this song piped through some built-in subwoofers. she winks at everyone while licking her lips. really i like her, but she can only come out to play on occasion. when she does though, be prepared to do shots of Wild Turkey and stumble home at 6am. sometimes she's a little too raw and risque for me. but she always talks about Crushed Butler as being the best band ever. the first punks (which some of her friends argue). long before the sex pistols and the stooges, often touted as being way "ahead of their time." and even though they kind of blew it with record labels here or there, that's what makes them even more appealing. so very punk rock. puke and pass out on couches punk rock.


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