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Monday, August 14, 2006

2 BOXED Bedroom off the BEDFORD L!!! WOWWOWOW! won't LAST!

Photo by Ari Moore

From Umberto's Yellow Cardigan and Other Light-Hearted Songs (out of Ann Arbor, Michigan):
Don't Move to Brooklyn
Yellow Cardigan
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i guess this is an inside joke. sorry. this is in special dedication to everyone trying to move to brooklyn. and of course, for all those who already live there. i have looked at 5 apartments in the past week. the only one i wanted just got snatched up this morning. all others have bedrooms that i could *possibly* fit a bed in. gas. electric. that's not included. the monthly rent is enough to make anyone have to live off pizza, coffee and cigarettes for the rest of their lives. is it stupid? yes. would i leave new york. nah. sometimes you can't avoid getting branded with the cattle prod. especially when it's either move to brooklyn. or well. hoboken.


Blogger Jose Fritz said...

There's always Weehawken dude.

9:12 PM  

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